Kautapen Lodge: End of Season Report 2024

As the 2024 fishing season draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the highs and challenges that defined our journey. Beginning in the second week of January, we faced rapidly dropping water levels, posing a test of skill and adaptability. The initial six weeks presented a formidable obstacle – a river running low and clear, requiring the use of floating and intermediate lines, as well as long leaders and small flies to entice the elusive sea trout, particularly wary under the harsh daylight conditions created by crystal-clear waters. Despite the challenging low water levels, we managed to catch a good number of silver fish with light tackle equipment’s.

By mid-February, a silver lining emerged with incoming rains causing the rivers to swell. Rising waters not only brought in more fish but also boosted the productivity of our fishing sessions. Despite occasional disruptions due to increased rainfall, each surge in water levels enhanced our chances of a bountiful catch. We fished as much of the Río Grande as the Río Menendez, producing both rivers excellent results in numbers and sizes.

March marked a crescendo in our season, highlighted by Ian from the UK landing an extraordinary 25-pound colored male in the upper reaches of the Rio Grande (spey casting), while Paul, another UK friend, reeled in a with a single-handed 8 weight rod a robust 21.5-pound male in The Menendez River, marking a season’s highlight.

Throughout the 2024 season, we welcomed over 135 anglers from diverse corners of the globe, blending returning guests with new faces in a celebration of camaraderie and shared passion. As we look ahead to the 40th anniversary of Kautapen next year, we extend an invitation for you to return and relish the unrivaled sea trout fishing experiences that await in our waters, promising unforgettable moments and cherished friendships.

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