Rio Grande, Argentina: Best river in the world to fish for Giant Sea-Run Brown Trout.

1. Morphology: The Rio Grand comes to life on the Chilean side of Tierra del Fuego and flows for 150 miles in a generally eastward direction, twisting though Argentine territory toward the South Atlantic Ocean. Given its moderate flow, and generally even gravel bottom, it’s an easy wading river that’s both remote and spectacularly scenic.
2. Species: Sea-Run Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) were first stocked in Tierra del Fuego by British expat John Goodall in 1935. These fish eventually found their way to the sea, attracted by the rich food supply. That’s why they grow to unbelievable sizes.
3. Size: Sea-run brown trout dine on shrimp, crabs, and sardines in the Rio Grande estuary. When they return to the river to spawn their average size varies between 7 and 9 pounds. 20-pound trout are caught and released every week. 30+ pound fish are caught every season.
4. Privacy: Nervous Waters has access to the most productive waters on the Rio Grande, split between its two lodges: Kau Tapen and Villa Maria. The river is divided into beats, ensuring proper water management. Each beat is composed of different pools, allowing anglers to fish different waters every day, while encouraging the sustainability of the resource.
5. Fishing Techniques: We always wade. The structure of the river allows anglers to fish single, switch and spey rods. The lower stretch of water (Villa Maria Lodge’s 25 miles) is ideal for two-handers. The middle stretch (Kau Tapen’s 30 miles) is ideal for all types of angling. We fish dry flies, nymphs and various streamers; we “dead drift”, “swing,” and “skate”… no matter how you fish, be guarantee a memorable experience.
Join us on the Rio Grande, at the first and finest fly-fishing lodges Tierra del Fuego has to offer.

Last Openings 2018 

Kau Tapen Lodge

January 6th – 13th: 2 rods
January 20th – 27th: 2 rods
February 3rd – 10th: 3 rods
February 24th – March 3rd: 3 rods
March 10th -17th: 2 rods


Villa Maria Lodge

January 5th – 12th: 2 rods
March 2nd – 9th: 3 rods
March 9th – 16th: 4 rods


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