October 2016

Bonefish Beware: Fish with Flip Pallot @AbacoLodge in June


In 2009, Flip Pallot attended the opening of Abaco Lodge and spent time with its managing partner, Oliver White. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and Flip began, the next summer, to host groups at the lodge. He’s been entertaining and educating these lucky anglers ever since. “It’s become a tradition that I look forward to each year,” Flip says. “This coming summer is no exception.” For 2017, add your name to the list and join legendary angler Flip Pallot for four days of bonefishing on the vast flats of Abaco’s world-renowned Marls. In addition to casting, presentation, and fly-selection sessions with the master, this all-inclusive package includes time on the water with Abaco Lodge’s top-shelf guide staff. Off the water, relax in one of ten spacious private rooms, with private bath, that open onto a back verandah overlooking the Marls. Open bar and exquisite meals add to the exceptional value of this special summer offer. COST: $4,750, plus Bahamas VAT tax. DATES: –          June 5th  -10th  (5 nights and 4 days fishing)  –  6 spots –          June 10th  – 15th (5 nights and 4 days fishing)  –  4 spots –          June 15th – 20th  (5 nights and 4 days fishing)  –  6 spots Book today to secure your prime spot with Flip Pallot in bonefish paradise.

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Dear Angler: The government of the Bahamas is about to make a monumental error in judgement. As part of fisheries regulation legislation that is proposed, they aim to regulate, or rather prohibit- foreign-owned fishing lodges throughout the Bahamas. The language states that this is being done to “ensure the marine environments upon which the fishery is based, are protected.” Apparently the Bahamas believes attempting to evict the very lodges and guides that are the stewards of the resource is the way to grow the fishing tourism trade? Nothing could be further from the truth.  Rather than regulating who can guide and own lodges, what about a guides training program, or clinics and classes on protecting marine shallows and catch and release techniques?  The fishery for bonefish in the Bahamas is a spectacular one, and it does not require over-regulation and permitting—it requires stewardship. We regard this proposal as an error from a government with little experience in resource issues. If you’d like to read more, Bjorn Stromsness offers a very insightful view on his blog: How to destroy the Bahamas, a Guide ACTION STEP Please join us in making certain our voice is heard. Public comment will only be accepted until Friday June 26—so act now! Cut and paste the following letter (or write one of your own) and send it to this address: fisheries@bahamas.gov.bs  ——————————————————————————————————————————————————– Dear Sir or Madam: I strongly oppose the proposed fisheries regulations currently on the table for the Bahamas. The issue of protecting the fisheries resource is not one of ownership, it is one of stewardship.  It is in the best interest of the fishing lodges—whether they are locally or foreign owned, to protect the resource that provides them their source of clients and income. Further, every fishing lodge in the Bahamas provides much needed jobs. […]

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Abaco Lodge Bonefishing Report

Abaco Lodge Bonefishing Report (Fall 2014) – By Anne and Ken Perkinson Wow! What a month! Big bones, permit and tarpon……despite a few cold days, the weather allowed anglers opportunities to land nice sized bonefish, some over 8 lbs. Repeat guest, John B., was fortunate enough to land a marls permit with assistance from Abaco Lodge guide, Travis Sands. Another lodge guest, Jack Salisbury, managed to hook up with a tarpon while exploring the marls. A few anglers also enjoyed tackling mutton snapper along the edge of the bight. Exploration was the name of the game as we introduced some anglers to other beautiful and bountiful fishing grounds north of the lodge. The northern part of Abaco yields beautiful landscapes and waterscapes while also tempting anglers with monster tailing bones! As the weather gets milder, the fishing gets wilder! It’s shaping up to be a great spring season! Bring on the bones! Anne and Ken Perkinson Abaco Lodge Managers For more Fishing Report click HERE  

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National Parks: A Boon for Bahamas Bonefish?

Posted on April 20, 2015 by Nervous Waters In the U.S., its national park system, launched with the formation of Yellowstone National Park in 1872, now includes more than 400 areas covering about 84 million acres. Hundreds of millions of visitors enjoy these protected lands each year and within their borders, wildlife has been given free range to roam and prosper. National parks are also not limited to the U.S. Their success stories have spread to some 1,200 national parks or preserves around the world—including in the Bahamas. The fisheries conservation organization Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT), recognizing the value that parks present, is currently pushing for the approval of projects that could have immediate impacts on the health of our favorite flats in the northern Bahamas. BTT, working with Bahamas National Trust, has urged the island nation to create new national parks in Grand Bahama and in Abaco. The Bahamian parks would prevent the overdevelopment of areas surrounding pristine flats fisheries. In Abaco, designated park areas include the Marls, where Abaco Lodge is located, and at Cross Harbour to the south. The parks proposals are now sitting on the desk of Perry Christie, the prime minister of the Bahamas. The hope among the angling community is that Christie will protect the flats that, according to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, bring in roughly $140 million in non-extractive revenue to the Bahamas annually. —Geoff Mueller Learn more and sign the Abaco parks petition, here. More information on the Grand Bahama initiatives, here.

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Bair’s Lodge – Bonefishing Report

Posted on February 22, 2015 by Nervous Waters Bonefishing Report Fall Fishing Summary – By Ray and Ann Shewnack Fall fishing in So. Andros is truly a special time of year. While most fly fishing anglers are chasing brown trout on the legendary waters of the Western United States, Anglers who are in the know are coming to So. Andros. The fishing Lodges here have been closed down for the past 4 months for hurricane season leaving the bone fish unmolested and happy. The weather in So. Andros in the fall starts to cool off with highs in the low to mid 80’s. Bairs lodge opens mid October and anglers are treated to eager bone fish tailing on the flats that have not seen an angler since June. It is amazing to hear the stories of anglers occasionally making a bad cast spooking a small school of bone fish and then having that same group of fish eat another well presented fly seconds later. This is what fishing in So Andros is all about in the fall. Tight Lines, Doug and Sue Bair’s Lodge Managers For more Fishing Report click HERE

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