Abaco Island update – Hurricane Dorian aftermath

Abaco Island in the Bahamas has been devastated by Hurricane Dorian, the strongest storm in recorded history to hit the Islands of the Bahamas.
Abaco Lodge was completely destroyed but our family, friends, and staff are all accounted for. While the lodge and boats and other equipment are all insured, that is not the case for our family, friends, and staff on the island. Most lost everything and all lost something.
Abaco Lodge has touched a lot of people over the years, and we hope you will help this community in this time of need. We will direct funds to the family, friends, and staff of Abaco Lodge and the community efforts at large.
The community on Abaco will need our help to rebuild their lives, we are committed to the island and its people.

Thanks to your generosity on the Gofundme campaign we are making this possible. We have been truly touched by the outpouring of support to date, and words cannot express our thanks for your generosity. 

These people need our help and will for a long time. We believe the best way to help this community rebuild is to put money directly in the hands of those people that we know. A detailed accounting of how the funds are distributed will be provided.


About Abaco Lodge

Abaco Lodge has been totally destroyed by Hurricane Dorian.

Our sole focus currently is on our lodge staff and their families, as well as the greater community of Abaco island.

We will keep our fishing community informed as time passes. Again, thanks for all your support.

Our friends at Hatch Magazine wrote this article that gives a more detail description of the consequences of the storm. Thanks to Chad Shmukler for the support and Dan Zazworsky for the photos, and coverage of this event.

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