Villa Maria Lodge: February 14 – 19, 2015

Like the week prior, we started with some rain in the lower stretch of the Rio Grande but there were heavy storms serious storms of rain and snow in the headwaters and in the Andes. How impressive to drive to the river and see the mountains dressed in white in the middle of the summer.

While the rain bumped up the level of the river around an inch, it remained totally clear and fishable with small flies. Along the week part of the snow reached the river and while it didn’t change the level at all, we noticed a significative drop in the temperature of the water making the fish react ore slowly to flies, specially during the earlier morninghours. But around noon each day, as the sun was heating up the water, the fish started to roll on the surface and reacted more enthusiastically to the flies.

Most of the fisherman this week had at least several season fishing Rio Grande, then there was Gilbert who was fishing for the 15th time here. He has learned that it helps a lot to be patient in the slow ties and aggressive when the fish are cooperative.

The Best Entry Award was for Graeme, who in his first tour on the Rio Grande managed to land three 20 pound fish!! Congratulations Mr G!

Again, a variety of flies were successful depending on the light, temperature, and time of the day. But if i have to choose a couple, small weighted nymphs and green machines were performing a little better than others. Leeches remain the best options in lower light conditions.

Regarding lines, skaggit lines with short sink tips were the best option, finishing in tippets around 10/12 lbs.

Alejandro Martello
Villa Maria Lodge Fishing Manager


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