Villa María Lodge – Week 3: January 12th to 18th, 2024

By Alejandro Martello – Villa Maria Lodge Fishing Manager

In the third week of Villa María’s 2024 season, we hosted a group of seasoned fishermen assembled by Mark T., an old friend of the lodge. The crew comprised individuals from various nationalities, including South Africans, Britons, Norwegians, and Americans.

Fishing conditions on the Rio Grande remained consistent with the previous week. The river continued to recede, offering exceptionally clear water. The initial days presented challenging weather with cold temperatures and gusty winds. However, the latter part of the week witnessed a welcome change – reduced wind, milder temperatures, and a noticeable uptick in fish activity.

The team of anglers demonstrated exceptional skill, with an impressive 40% of the landed fish weighing over 15 lbs. Every angler successfully reeled in a fish over 18 lbs. Congratulations, guys – outstanding performance!

The fishing gear mirrored that of previous weeks, featuring 12 to 13-foot rods, floating bellies, and a diverse array of sinking tips. The choice of flies was equally varied, adapting to the shifting conditions, ranging from chilly mornings and windy days to calm and serene moments towards the week’s end.

As we anticipate a new week, the weather forecast hints at persistent wind. Tight lines to the upcoming adventures!


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