Villa Maria Lodge – Week 7: Febuary 9th to 17th, 2024

Another eventful week unfolds at Villa Maria Lodge, with plenty to recount! The week commenced with a balmy 28 degrees and calm winds, yielding a decent catch despite the conditions. Subsequently, mild weather prevailed, with occasional drizzles and no strong winds.

The river maintained its clarity while steadily descending, likely reaching its seasonal low. Fishing experienced fluctuations but certainly had moments of triumph. Notably, it marked the week with the highest number of catches of fish over 20 lbs. Special acknowledgement to Mika and Juha, who set new records for the season with impressive catches weighing 27 and 24 pounds, respectively. Bravo, Team Finland!

With favorable weather conditions and stable river levels, there was no need to alter our fishing gear. Once again, short sink tips with medium to medium-fast sinking rates and long, thin leaders were the preferred tools. Green machines and small nymphs thrived during sunny hours, while larger silhouetted flies excelled when shadows lengthened.

Mid-February poses technical challenges, but the potential reward of capturing a trophy fish for Villa Maria Lodge’s Wall of Fame is ever-present. The forthcoming week anticipates more variable weather, with changing winds and intermittent rain – not intense, yet sufficient to impact fishing dynamics.


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