January Means Jumbo Bones at Bair’s

January Means Jumbo Bones at Bair’s—

With the BTT Team


Understanding bonefish behavior—where they roam, when they spawn, and how and what they eat—enhances our angling education, making us more effective. On January 21-27, 2016, take advantage of an exclusive Flyfishing/learning opportunity by joining Nervous Waters and our friends at the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust for 6 nights and 5 days at Bair’s Lodge, on South Andros Island.


During that timeframe, BTT scientists will be researching bonefish, working out of Bair’s. In addition to the scientists, there are 7 spots open for anglers. It’s your choice how much you’d like to participate in research, observe research, or just fish with our experienced guides for big winter bones on the expansive flats of South Andros.


There are currently 7 open spots. Cost is $4,550 + $170 VAT per person, double occupancy (travel to/from South Andros, gratuities not included).


Research Activities Include:

–    Using seine nets to capture bonefish for tagging with dart and acoustic tags, while collecting fin clips for the genetics project.

–    Tracking bonefish with acoustic receivers at a newly identified spawning site (there will be some overnight tracking as well).

–    Deploying acoustic receivers around South Andros to track bonefish spawning migrations.

–    Experiments to hatch fertilized bonefish eggs at the study site.


Below is a video showcasing some of the work that BTT has done on Andros on previous research trips.


Contact us today to learn more.

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