Bob Gino had left his comments about Bair’s.

After his visit to Bair´s Lodge, in South Andros, Bob says:

“I like to ffer constructive criticism to the places I visit that I plan on returning to, as I plan to come here again, but have nothing to offer in theway improving the operation. The managers and staff are friendly and attentive, food is delicious and healthy and the accommodations are very clean and comfortable, but having fly fished in the salt many time I was so impressed with the guides. Their attitudes are the best I’ve seen. Salt water fly fishing is more difficult than most people know and typically salt guides have little patience for the seasoned novice. This is a fishing trip after all and these guys can make or break the experience. I fished with Leslie, Gary and Ron, and to a man, great guys.  Also the fishing is great, large bones and plenty of them!”


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