Help The Abaco Lodge Staff & Community. Bid to win a NW experience

The outpouring of concern and support from the angling community rally has been heartwarming. We want to thank everyone that has helped those on Abaco-but we need to do more.

Nervous Waters is offering three different trips that have NO EXPIRATION DATE, and are TRANSFERABLE to friends/ family.

The 3 winning bids of the auction will be donated to the staff of Abaco Lodge and the community of Abaco Island.

How does it work?

Program Descriptions:

Program Description: Kau Tapen means “House of Fishing” in the Ona Language and here, at the heart of the Río Grande, are the best pools on the river. Anglers will fish either single- or two-handed rods to pursue the prized sea-run trout. From skating bombers through broad tail-outs and swing streamers across the river’s best beats to drifting nymphs against deep cut banks, anglers use an assortment of various methods to chase the trout that will haunt you for the rest of your days. Fish in the 15-pound range are common and 20 pounders are caught each week.

Itinerary: Spend 7 nights and 6 days fishing @ Kautapen Lodge, located on the Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego.

When: Season runs from January until April. Trips have no expiration date and are transferable to friends/family.

Download Brochure – Kautapen Lodge

Program description: For Dorado–planning a combo trip, increases your odds of catching more fish. You also broaden your fishing horizons, see new rivers, learn new techniques, and explore an array of prime dorado habitats. These trips are not only educational, but they’re also the makings of a true fishing adventure-with big tackle wrecking dorado lurking on every sandbar, and near every sunken log.

Itinerary: Spend 1 night @ Delta Eco Lodge, 3 nights @ Suindá Lodge and 4 nights @ Pirá Lodge.

When: Season runs from January until May. Trips have no expiration date and are transferable to friends/family.

Download Brochure – Pirá Lodge

Program description: Futa and Northern Patagonia lodges make for a perfect fishing equation, allowing you to experience the best trout fishing that Argentina and Chile have to offer in just one trip, punctuated by a glorious border crossing. Fish dry flies on the rivers you have read about since the Joe Brooks days, the Chimehuin, Alumine, and Collon Cura are all on the agenda. Classic Patagonia, the Nervous Waters way.

Itinerary: Spend 4 nights @ Futa Lodge, 1 night at Bariloche and 3 nights Northern Patagonia Lodge.

When: Season runs from Mid-November until April. Trips have no expiration date and are transferable to friends/family.


Pick 1 or more trips and send us your bid(s).


Highest bids currently:

1 – Kau Tapen Lodge- Huge Sea-Run Trout = $18,000

2 – The Dorado Experience-Golden Fighters = $ 15,000

3 – Argentina & Chile Trout Fishing- Patagonia Done Right = $15,000



We will report a daily update of the highest bids for every trip in all of our Social Media.


Thank you all for your support

The Nervous Waters´ Team



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