Villa María Lodge – Week 4: January 20th to 27th, 2023

By Alejandro Martello - Villa Maria Lodge Fishing Manager

The forecast was accurate throughout the week, and the weather was mostly stable and favorable for fishing. There were a few sessions where the wind blew from the north or northeast, but the water and air temperatures were good, and a thick cloud cover shielded the fish from the intense summer sun, making for excellent fishing. One rod caught 11 fish in one day, with many others hooked and lost, averaging 11.6 pounds each. The angler also caught 12 fish over 15 pounds during the week. Congratulations, Axel! 

Rods ranging from 11’6″ to 13′ matched with short- to medium-length sinking lines and tips were the top choices. As conditions were similar to the previous week, the same long leaders and flies were used to catch fish both in the morning and evening. Nymphs, small rubber legs, and green machines were the top choices during the day, even when the sun was below the horizon. However, in low light, tradition dictates that you increase the size and silhouette of the flies, so leeches were the top choice for the final catches of the day, allowing anglers to return home with a smile. 

The forecast for next week shows more wind and sunny moments, so anglers will need to be ready to quickly adapt to the changing conditions.

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