Villa María Lodge – Week 8: February 17th to 24th, 2023

By Alejandro Martello - Villa Maria Lodge Fishing Manager

As we move into autumn, this week offered a great mix of weather conditions on the river. Some days were warm and perfect for fishing, while others were cold and rainy, with strong winds reaching up to 65mph. Despite the changing weather, fishing had its moments, and lucky for the fishermen, conditions were great at times. 

For instance, Ed missed a few fishing sessions but managed to catch a fantastic 24lbs female and a 19lbs buck back-to-back on his return. Al also did well on his first visit to Villa Maria Lodge, landing a 21lbs hen. In fact, the entire group did exceptionally well, with everyone catching at least one fish weighing 15 lbs or more. Well done, guys! 

The changing weather conditions also necessitated a change in fly patterns. Streamers, nymphs, and rubber-legged flies in different sizes all worked well throughout the week. At times, smaller sizes were required to get reactions from the fish, while at other times, the old classics in size #6 were enough. 

In terms of equipment, there were no significant changes from the previous weeks since the river maintained its level, and the occasional pulse of water from the tributaries did not cloud or change the level too much. However, we expect the typical March rains next week, and we’ll see how the river reacts. 

Overall, the total catch average size was 12.35 lbs, which is impressive considering the changing weather conditions.

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