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Pacú Fly Patterns

Pacú fishing at Alto Parana lodge is all about exciting sight-fishing opportunities. We use 7 or 8-weight rods, rigged with floating tropical lines, in order to pitch spun deer-hair “fruit patterns” tied on stout hooks, as well as foam, high-floating dry flies and smaller streamers, toward intended targets. Pacú are omnivores, so fooling them on the fruit, and on top, is sure to please all the purists in the group! Cork Fruit Flies Info: This fly is relatively new in the world of fly fishing and has been specially developed for Pacu fly fishing. This can be made in a number of different sizes however the larger ones tend to be more productive. Foam is another option for this fly and a strong and large wide gape hook is preferable. Materials: Cork or Foam and TMC 600SP hook. How to Fish: This fly is only fished with a floating line casting as close to or under trees, targeting in particular trees carrying fruit. It is important to make sure the fly lands on the surface of the water with as much disturbance as possible. Allowing the loop in your fly line to unfold too early will over power the fly into the water making the imitation seem more realistic. When to fish: This can be fished at all times, however will not be as productive during heavy sunlight and strong heat. The best time to use this is when the fish become more active usually around last light and early morning. Where to fish: This can be fished in locations that hold this fruit and Pacu, the most common being the upper Parana River or Alto Parana. Tie: Use a craft knife to cut the cork or foam in to the basic size and shape. Then use a file or […]

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Technical Fishing for Golden Dorado

Presentation Depending on the weather conditions and environment requires different presentations. For instance casting close quarters for Dorado in very calm water with little wind when the Dorados are less active requires a very different technique. The angler is required to present the fly with as little disturbance as possible. This means the cast should allow the fly and line to land without dissipating large volumes of water. During the retrieve the rod tip should be positioned under the water. This will allow the fly to be stripped without the line creating heavy disturbance on the water. However during times when the Dorado is active a heavy presentation on the surface of the water can attract the fish more. During times with high winds the presentation is not as important. This is due to water already having a lot of turbulence on the surface because of the wind. This therefore masks the disturbance made when the fly and line is presented on the water. The strip also doesn’t need to be as delicate as fishing with no wind. Casting Casting requires a different approach depending on the environment. For instance casting in the Parana river at large logs and trees near the bank requires a technical approach. When casting at the logs it is important to try and make casts both in front and behind the logs. This requires a cast close behind the log and a little in front. It is important to remember to compensate for where your fly land to allow the fly to pass the log. When casting at trees it is always good to try and present the fly under the tree near the bank to cover as much water as possible and secondly as fish use this habitat as cover. This is achieved by […]

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Alto Paraná Lodge: End of Season

Alto Paraná Lodge – Fishing Report End of Season 2014-2015 This season water levels were higher, but more stable than last year. Baitfish schools benefitted, spreading out along the banks, up and down the Alto Paraná River system. In January we still caught fish despite some severe rainstorms and marginal water clarity. By February and through the month of March conditions improved. Pacú fishing, for instance, was superb. Almost all guests caught at least one of these strong fighters, most of them on fruit flies, and many of them while sight-casting in clear water. They were cruising the banks in good numbers this year. Pira Pita fishing, on the other hand, was more inconsistent, but we still caught some amazing specimens on dry flies. These hard fighters are becoming a favorite with both new and returning flyfishers. As for BIG Dorado, Alto Paraná continues to produce… not every day, not every session, but those who put time and effort into the equation are often rewarded. Large dorado were active this summer, and we hooked some nice ones casting to baitfish schools. We also landed a few “golden torpedoes” while wading the river’s skinny sandbanks and intricate side channels. Line control, fast retrieves, strip-sets, accurate casting, and patience…. that’s dorado fishing. When it all comes together, prepare for the pull! We’re looking forward to seeing you next season. Fabian Anastasio Fishing Manager, Alto Paraná Lodge For more Fishing Report click HERE

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A Golden Era

Three dorado lodges add even more variety to our bustling lodge portfolio. And with that variety comes another year of challenge, excitement, new hot spots, and an array of highlights you don’t want to miss reading about.   PIRA LODGE The beginning of the season at Pira Lodge was marked by rollercoaster weather, which kept us all on our toes. When heavy rains raised the marsh by 3 feet, the fish spread out and it was our job to find them. And so we did! The best fishing is still in the Corriente River, throwing large streamers on sinking lines. Another productive technique has been “drift-casting” from the boat, using floating lines. This gives marauding dorado plenty of opportunity to first spot and then smash the fly. Fish landed so far have been in PRIME condition… leading to many smiles this season. At this point conditions keep improving—with a spike in numbers, as well as larger dorado showing up in the catch stats. Seems like the best is yet to come… ALTO PARANA LODGE Scouting at the beginning of the season is exciting as always. This year, maybe more so. For starters, ideal water levels ushered in a plethora of early-returning baitfish. This phenomenon of course made for some happy, active dorado. Large pira pita, on the other hand, were caught using small streamers, while pacu populations had been busy fattening up on floating fruit. Not a bad start! Now that the season is in full swing, expectations have been met and even exceeded. The river keeps getting clearer by the day since the sun moved in and ushered away recent rains. Water temps are a bit warmer and levels are about normal—calling for longer leaders and lighter tippets. Big pira pita on dry flies is also back on the agenda! We’ve been successful sight- casting for them in narrow side-channels. Similarly, we’re also seeing more Pacu, where […]

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Alto Paraná Lodge – Fishing Report

Posted on February 10, 2015 by Nervous Waters Alto Paraná Lodge Fishing Report – January 2015 – By Fabián Anastasio The river is getting clearer by the day since the sun moved in and ushered away recent rains. Water temps are a bit warmer and levels are about back to normal—calling for longer leaders and lighter tippets. Big pira pita and dry-fly fishing are also back on the agenda! We’ve had good success sight-casting for them in narrow side-channels. Similarly, we’re also seeing more pacu, where wet and dry “fruit flies” make for fun fishing. Last, and definitely not least, dorado have been cruising shorelines and corralling large baitfish schools. They’re on the hunt… and so are we! The guide team has been busy designing new flies for the season: a big, buggy, and ultra-buoyant dry fly for pacu and pira pita and some deadly foam fruit imitations with enough “slash” to provoke savage responses. Smaller streamers for large, wary dorado are also being tweaked and tested. And some days they work better than the big Andino Deceivers. The arsenal continues to evolve. We look forward to catching up with you on the water soon. Fabián Anastasio Alto Paraná Lodge fishing report For more Fishing Report click HERE

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Pacu @ Alto Parana Lodge

Posted on February 4, 2015 by Nervous Waters Alto Parana Lodge is one of the most emblematic “estancias” in Corrientes Province and hosts anglers in the search of diversity, challenge, and adrenaline. The video, just another day in paradise! Check out other Fly Fishing videos at Nervous Waters’ YouTube Channel

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