Bonefishing Reports


Fall Fishing Summary

Fall fishing at South Andros was a special time. While most fly-fishers are chasing brown trout on the legendary waters of the Western United States, anglers in the know are coming here. Why? Because most lodge operations have been closed for the past 4 months leaving the bonefish unmolested, happy, and hungry.

It’s amazing to hear the stories of anglers occasionally making a bad cast, spooking a small school of bones, and then having that same group eat another well presented fly seconds later.

Current Conditions

Weather has been mild with temperatures in the low 70s. With occasional northern fronts passing through the island dropping temperatures into the upper 60s. Fishing continues to be outstanding with larger fish appearing from the ocean depths to cruise along the flats to feed. Bonefish & Tarpon Trust biologists just spent 4 days netting and tagging fish last week. They tagged over 1,100 bonefish. The largest school that they netted at one time was over 600 fish! They are finding the fish population to be very healthy. Within the schools that they netted, they found all sizes of fish: from 1 ponders to fish well over 10 pounds!

Larger fish being seen and caught by our guest is the norm here during January and February.


Fall Fishing Summary

Fall 2014 was great in Abaco! Lodge guests enjoyed an abundance of nice sized bonefish, with an especially notable 10-pounder in November by guest Dick Pitini and lodge guide Travis Sands. Congratulations again you guys!! Barracuda have been actively cruising the flats, so each boat has been armed with the right gear to hook up with those toothy critters.

Cudas are lightning-fast ambush predators that are incredibly fun to catch! Fall is one of the very best times to be in Abaco, especially for our chilly friends from the north and northeast. As the days get warmer and longer, we expect Abaco’s anglers to be maximizing every opportunity to get out and fish, whether it’s going after our super smart resident snapper at the lodge dock, bonefishing ‘til they drop, wading area flats, or tackling the challenge of a passing tarpon or permit. Great fishing is here and there’s something for every angler to enjoy!

We’ll keep you posted on what comes to current conditions as the lodge has just re-opened its doors to clients after fall.

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