October 2016

Bonefish Beware: Fish with Flip Pallot @AbacoLodge in June


In 2009, Flip Pallot attended the opening of Abaco Lodge and spent time with its managing partner, Oliver White. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and Flip began, the next summer, to host groups at the lodge. He’s been entertaining and educating these lucky anglers ever since. “It’s become a tradition that I look forward to each year,” Flip says. “This coming summer is no exception.” For 2017, add your name to the list and join legendary angler Flip Pallot for four days of bonefishing on the vast flats of Abaco’s world-renowned Marls. In addition to casting, presentation, and fly-selection sessions with the master, this all-inclusive package includes time on the water with Abaco Lodge’s top-shelf guide staff. Off the water, relax in one of ten spacious private rooms, with private bath, that open onto a back verandah overlooking the Marls. Open bar and exquisite meals add to the exceptional value of this special summer offer. COST: $4,750, plus Bahamas VAT tax. DATES: –          June 5th  -10th  (5 nights and 4 days fishing)  –  6 spots –          June 10th  – 15th (5 nights and 4 days fishing)  –  4 spots –          June 15th – 20th  (5 nights and 4 days fishing)  –  6 spots Book today to secure your prime spot with Flip Pallot in bonefish paradise.

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Joe Drew

  What could be better? The great thing about a hosted trip is exceptional fishing at a top-notch lodge—but also combining that action with valuable lessons from a seasoned professional. And the only thing better than having one professional host is having two! Join Joe Mahler and Drew Chicone at Abaco Lodge for 5 nights and 4 days of bonefishing on the pristine flats of Abaco. Joe is one of America’s best casting instructors, and he will have you throwing tight loops into ocean breezes in no time, while Drew will help ensure that the fly you’re delivering with those improved casting skills is as “fishy” as possible. There are only 10 spots available for each week long session, and several of them are already spoken for.   2017 Dates March 1st – 6th (5 nights and 4 days Fishing) –  6 SPOTS AVAILABLE June 26th – July 1st (5 nights and 4 days Fishing) –  8 SPOTS AVAILABLE Rate per person $4,950.00 (includes 5 nights lodging in single room, 4 days fishing with shared guide, all meals and drinks, taxes and transfer to/from lodge) About Strip-Strike University Over the span of many trips, fly fishing buddies Drew Chicone and Joe Mahler noticed one common thread. Wherever the fly rod took them, they ended up teaching. Fly tying, casting, knots and rigging – you name it.  At every turn on every trip there was someone that would say “show me that cast” or “teach me to tie that fly.” And so Strip-StrikeUniversity was born. Strip-Strike schools are held in locations that offer a combination of great fly fishing and a setting that is conducive to learning and perfecting essential fly fishing skills in the most enjoyable way, conditions that Abaco lodge can easily cope with. Students will learn the finer points of what Chicone and Mahler call “TC&C” (tying, casting & catching).  Each day […]

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Abaco Lodge – April & May 2015

Abaco Lodge – Fishing Report April & May 2015. By Ken and Anne Perkinson After a stellar March, April & May brought warmer temperatures and a plethora of bonefish.  Anglers were experiencing days with bone numbers in the double digits and some decent shots at juvenile tarpon and permit. In late May, we had the pleasure of hosting two legendary fishing icons, Mr. Flip Pallot and Mr. Lefty Kreh, at the lodge.  Great times were had by all as Lefty shared his favorite stories and jokes, and anglers amped up their games by virtue of the skilled hands of Lefty and Flip and their helpful tips each day.  Flip and Lefty were gracious with their time and knowledge, spending special time with each and every guest – giving them undivided attention and a lifetime of memories. Lucky anglers rotated each day for a rare chance at some one on one time fishing with these industry greats.  We’re thrilled to have Flip with us for another couple of weeks and look forward to sharing our anglers’ adventures along the way. Looking into the future, we might be fortunate enough to experience a fall visit from another industry giant, Mr. Chico Fernandez……and a possible return by Lefty, too!  Stay tuned…… Anne and Ken Perkinson Abaco Lodge Managers

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Dear Angler: The government of the Bahamas is about to make a monumental error in judgement. As part of fisheries regulation legislation that is proposed, they aim to regulate, or rather prohibit- foreign-owned fishing lodges throughout the Bahamas. The language states that this is being done to “ensure the marine environments upon which the fishery is based, are protected.” Apparently the Bahamas believes attempting to evict the very lodges and guides that are the stewards of the resource is the way to grow the fishing tourism trade? Nothing could be further from the truth.  Rather than regulating who can guide and own lodges, what about a guides training program, or clinics and classes on protecting marine shallows and catch and release techniques?  The fishery for bonefish in the Bahamas is a spectacular one, and it does not require over-regulation and permitting—it requires stewardship. We regard this proposal as an error from a government with little experience in resource issues. If you’d like to read more, Bjorn Stromsness offers a very insightful view on his blog: How to destroy the Bahamas, a Guide ACTION STEP Please join us in making certain our voice is heard. Public comment will only be accepted until Friday June 26—so act now! Cut and paste the following letter (or write one of your own) and send it to this address: fisheries@bahamas.gov.bs  ——————————————————————————————————————————————————– Dear Sir or Madam: I strongly oppose the proposed fisheries regulations currently on the table for the Bahamas. The issue of protecting the fisheries resource is not one of ownership, it is one of stewardship.  It is in the best interest of the fishing lodges—whether they are locally or foreign owned, to protect the resource that provides them their source of clients and income. Further, every fishing lodge in the Bahamas provides much needed jobs. […]

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National Parks: A Boon for Bahamas Bonefish?

Posted on April 20, 2015 by Nervous Waters In the U.S., its national park system, launched with the formation of Yellowstone National Park in 1872, now includes more than 400 areas covering about 84 million acres. Hundreds of millions of visitors enjoy these protected lands each year and within their borders, wildlife has been given free range to roam and prosper. National parks are also not limited to the U.S. Their success stories have spread to some 1,200 national parks or preserves around the world—including in the Bahamas. The fisheries conservation organization Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT), recognizing the value that parks present, is currently pushing for the approval of projects that could have immediate impacts on the health of our favorite flats in the northern Bahamas. BTT, working with Bahamas National Trust, has urged the island nation to create new national parks in Grand Bahama and in Abaco. The Bahamian parks would prevent the overdevelopment of areas surrounding pristine flats fisheries. In Abaco, designated park areas include the Marls, where Abaco Lodge is located, and at Cross Harbour to the south. The parks proposals are now sitting on the desk of Perry Christie, the prime minister of the Bahamas. The hope among the angling community is that Christie will protect the flats that, according to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, bring in roughly $140 million in non-extractive revenue to the Bahamas annually. —Geoff Mueller Learn more and sign the Abaco parks petition, here. More information on the Grand Bahama initiatives, here.

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Bonefishing Reports

Posted on February 13, 2015 by Nervous Waters BAIRS LODGE Fall Fishing Summary Fall fishing at South Andros was a special time. While most fly-fishers are chasing brown trout on the legendary waters of the Western United States, anglers in the know are coming here. Why? Because most lodge operations have been closed for the past 4 months leaving the bonefish unmolested, happy, and hungry. It’s amazing to hear the stories of anglers occasionally making a bad cast, spooking a small school of bones, and then having that same group eat another well presented fly seconds later. Current Conditions Weather has been mild with temperatures in the low 70s. With occasional northern fronts passing through the island dropping temperatures into the upper 60s. Fishing continues to be outstanding with larger fish appearing from the ocean depths to cruise along the flats to feed. Bonefish & Tarpon Trust biologists just spent 4 days netting and tagging fish last week. They tagged over 1,100 bonefish. The largest school that they netted at one time was over 600 fish! They are finding the fish population to be very healthy. Within the schools that they netted, they found all sizes of fish: from 1 ponders to fish well over 10 pounds! Larger fish being seen and caught by our guest is the norm here during January and February. ABACO LODGE Fall Fishing Summary Fall 2014 was great in Abaco! Lodge guests enjoyed an abundance of nice sized bonefish, with an especially notable 10-pounder in November by guest Dick Pitini and lodge guide Travis Sands. Congratulations again you guys!! Barracuda have been actively cruising the flats, so each boat has been armed with the right gear to hook up with those toothy critters. Cudas are lightning-fast ambush predators that are incredibly fun to catch! Fall is one of the very best times to be in Abaco, especially for our chilly friends from the […]

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Premium Class Service from New York to South Abaco

  A DREAM COME TRUE Bonefish Direct from NYC in 2.5 hrs Welcome to the Northeast. The weather is rotten.  Freezing rain, spring storms, and gray skies dominate the landscape. You need a break, but the Bahamas seem like such a hassle. Connecting flights through Atlanta or Miami just seem like too much fuss to make a flats fishing getaway worthwhile. What if there was a charter to Abaco? What if you could just jump on a plane in Westchester, a new Saab 2000, with ample leg room, and be whisked straight to Marsh Harbour on Abaco? It’s not a dream. For the fist time a charter carrier has received approval to operate scheduled service to the Bahamas from the New York area. Flights start at just $329, and seating on the Saab is laid out for 30 passengers-instead of the 50 the aircraft was designed to accommodate. Sound like something you might be interested in? You bet it is.  You can leave Westchester on Saturday, fish a week, soak up our sun, and be back in New York the following Saturday. There are also scheduled flights  on Mondays on the same route for a four day getaway. Call us about the best dates at Abaco Lodge and we’ll get you fixed up on the Jet service. It has never been easier to get yourself on the sunny flats of Abaco. Taking reservations NOW! Call 1.888.462.0464

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What Guides Say: 6 simple axioms for getting ahead in the salt (Part I)

When the doctor says nix the smokes and dump twelve pounds, you trust he has your best interests in mind. And when your saltwater guide says your “non-conventional” cast has you failing to connect at 30 feet out, you should also conclude the same. Why? Because missing that perfect opportunity at a double-digit bonefish just might kill you. That’s why. All joking aside, I’ve been lucky enough to work, fish, and speak candidly with some incredible fishing guides over the years. From the renowned, like Steve Huff in the Keys or Marty Sawyer on Abaco, to the massive personalities we often meet in the Caribbean, the one consistency is that they’re all different. But they all share a common trait, too: that is, an awesome ability to put clients on fish no matter what the circumstances. Because guides possess wisdoms acquired during a lifetime on the water, it pays for us to listen. Here’s what the good ones have to say. 1) “TALK TO ME, WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER.” Saltwater fisheries are complex and present challenges that average anglers can’t easily solve. That’s why the best independent saltwater guides can charge upwards of $600 bucks a day. They’ve earned it learning the affects of specific tides on specific flats during specific seasons when specific species are prevalent—and sharing with us those specificities. With all that accumulated knowledge, guides can sometimes come across as arrogant, pushy, and even upset and disappointed. It’s in their nature to want you to succeed, so do not take their frustrations personally. If you blow a fish, don’t fret; there are plenty more to blow as the day unfolds. But do take the time to replay the missed opportunities with your guide. What could you have done differently: Was the retrieve too fast? Was the fly […]

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Summer Fly-Fishing Tune Up

With resident casting expert, Oliver White  Oliver White has been fly-fishing for more than a decade and has traveled the world in pursuit of his passion. Formerly a guide in Jackson, Wyoming, and at Kau Tapen Lodge in Tierra del Fuego, Oliver was instrumental in Abaco Lodge’s development. He is a fixture in the Bahamas and on the adventure angling circuit, and has recently branched out into book writing, as well as a number of TV and film projects. Oliver is an expert salt- and freshwater angler and the only FFF-certified casting instructor in the Bahamas. Here are his tips for developing a winning casting stroke this season. 1) Stay connected   For seamless power transfer its essential to stay connected throughout the casting stroke A common mistake I often see anglers struggle with involves the introduction of slack line into the system. For the rod to load seamlessly, on both the back and forward stroke, your fly line must be tight at all times. When hauling for distance, for instance, your line hand needs to succeed, or follow, the rod as it unloads on the backcast. If you introduce line too soon, slack enters the equation and power is lost. Once you aren’t connected with a tight line, it’s over. 2) Wait on it. Especially the backcast   Patience is a virtue when it comes to making casts that pierce through the wind. Always make sure to wait on your back cast before beginning your forward stroke This is a great lesson, especially for casting in windy conditions. Anglers new to saltwater fly-fishing are often overly anxious to detonate the cast as quickly as possible. You see an approaching fish, you hear your encouraging guide calling out a medley of distances and foreign time zones, and your brain tells […]

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